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Protection against missiles

Protection against missiles with Schueco DH, FW, AWS 90 BR systems

Protection against missiles with theft protection is increasingly gaining in importance in both buildings of high importance such as financial savings, banks, exchange offices, etc. For protection of VIPs from politics, business and the rich and famous people as well as state institutions of higher risk as consulates, embassies, ministries, etc.

Types and ways of protecting windows, doors and glass facades, are regulated European standards DIN EN 1522 which accurately define the type and methods of manufacturing the elements to defend against all types of weapons (missiles) that are defined classes FB2 to FB6.

external appearance of the safety profile in appearance quite the same as normal profiles
the ability to create all colours and shapes
security fittings
bulletproof glass as a single or double glass windows with and without the shedding of debris on impact projectiles that are marked with; S - no protection from debris and SA with protection from debris. Weight of glass can be over 200 kg/m2, depending on the class of protection as the thickness of the glass due to a rather strong green colour. Here we are able to offer a variant of colourless glass, which is certainly more expensive. Certainly with bulletproof glass Izo have also all thermal and sound protection as with normal glasses.
sure that every element of the quality and especially safety standards and require an installation as prescribed in this section must not pass missile.
for all of us produced and incorporated elements get the required certificate

Our protection against missiles or elements of the explosions for more than ten years to build in the German market. Our security elements to protect the American and German military base, military airport, a few houses and the Bureau of top military officials as well as many military and police schools, sports facilities, hotels and many others.