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Explosion protection

Explosion protection of windows, doors and glass facades, according to DIN EN 13123 and U.S. GSA regulations.  

As our world becomes increasingly restless and attacks with explosives from year to year as well as the need and demand of the explosions protect windows, doors and facades gaining in importance.

ILSAD Company is one of the very few companies in Europe that have to work Explosion protection in this sector and has extensive years of experience in the manufacture and installation of just-speaking elements. In 2002 - 2003 with our partner independently test a number of different Explosion protection elements that possess their own certificate.  

We also have our own security devices for securing the window sashes and grid protection, which are approved by the U.S. and NATO institutions and entered as their standard.



This picture shows one of our tests with 100 kg. TNT explosives at 25 meters distance.

On behalf of the tests carried out by reputable and licensed company with an additional presence and U.S. military officers, we get a large number of operations on objects just as the U.S. and Nato administrative bases, hospitals hotels, airports, military schools and sports facilities. Today, we can proudly say that we provide the most important military facility of the U.S. military and Nato administration in Europe.

All systems have the A - tests
optimal explosion protection of persons and things
variety of systems for windows, doors and glass facades
identity and security standard profiles
variety of safety glass
and tested according to the US-GSA standards (external test)
certificate installation

How is this kind of security elements largely in technical terms, our secret is we can provide you with more information, but we hope that you are at least partially managed to show what our company is all able to work.



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