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All PVC windows company ILSAD equipped with Winkhaus activ Pilot fittings which represents a complete innovation in the market. Winkhaus activ Pilot hardware is a combination of many innovative and practical solutions that will in the future become a standard in production chains.

The new system is based on the already proven fitting of auto pilot, however, active pilot hardware is modular transparent structure with a much smaller number of elements compared to its predecessor.

basis of the new system are octagonal locking anti-theft bolt, so-called. "Mushrooms", which are made of high quality steel and together with safety tiles provide a high level of intrusion.
This solution is unique in the market

Features and Benefits: Energy Saving

Winkhaus activ Pilot fitting allows for different angles of inclination of the wings giving you a steady supply of fresh air without significant loss of energy.

Attractive design

attractive design gives it an extra quality that sets it apart from other mass-produced products. Incorporating activ Pilot shackles, increased the value of the windows themselves.
innovative, modular system activ Pilot shackles easily be upgraded and meets highest security requirements.

Individual protection

Modular frame design allows for customization of the various security levels-base system can easily be upgraded to WK2 security.

Easily customizable

Hardware activ Pilot features a brand new locking system that is based on the octagonal bolt that can be manually adjusted. Multifunctional elements, assembled quickly and easily, even on the windows already in use.

Top quality

Top quality Winkhaus activ Pilot shackles has been confirmed by numerous independent institutes have confirmed the robustness and effectiveness of this technology.