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Avantec hidden fittings


The system hinges type Avantec is fully integrated into the structure of the wing and the frame, so there is no visual interruption streamlined profile. This system allows the use of a narrower frame the view, because there is no hinge. Instead hinge, upper wings are a pair of scissors, and the so-called lower. angular bearing (bottom bracket wings) pictures 0 All parts of the system are designed to allow quick and easy installation (not required template for positioning), ensuring the other side of the joint strength with the profile. At the same time the main parts (scissors, zippers and angular bed) adjustable in height and width (height -1 to 4 mm, width ± 0.7 mm) and thus provide the ability to fine-tuning the position of the wings. For installation and setup is required just a tool, called ISR.

Wing can be opened to an angle of 90 º. In this position, there is the vertical distance between the sash and frame of approximately 5 mm, which reduces the impression of disturbance of the light-hole positioning of the wings at that angle. Figure 1 shows the dimensions of the wings feasible due to the opening of the mass of the wings.

In terms of security, the system is divided into four grades: basic security (basic), safety first, second, and third degree (aka WK 1-3, according to ENV 1627). The difference is in the number of interlocks, ie, the number of closures and their chuck. Depending on the dimensions of the wings can be installed a total of six additional locking. Figure 2 shows the basic security system with the major parts of the four main points of locking, no extra spaces. In the case of purely shell opening only applies to basic safety. In this case, the catch can be positioned on the upper side of the wing.


sash weight: 60 kg, 130 kg, 160 kg
max. opening angle up to 90 º
opening types: OZ, Z, A, Zo, folding
corrosion resistance, DIN 1670: Class 4 (240 hours in salt aerosols)
Burglar resistance, ENV 1627: class WK1, WK2, wk3