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Anti-theft protection

Burglar windows and doors

Anti-theft protect windows and doors, is given too little attention and it is very important because it keeps your property as you and your family. Particularly important are the windows and doors on the ground floor because the easy access, and is approx. 80% of burglaries carried out over the ground, especially the courtyard windows and a small part of the balcony on the first floor. Therefore, it is recommended to protect the ground and first floor better with at least basic protection. It is a known fact that if burglars in 2-3 min fail to forcibly enter the building go and try your luck somewhere else where they can get for 10-15 seconds. Certainly, everything has a price but your safety must have a far greater value that we should not get ignored.

We will present you all the options, class, standards as well as the latest European standards that will help you understand the basics of security needs and protection of your facility.

CLASS ANTI for windows and doors (DIN EN 1627 (1628) - 1630)

WK 1 (RC 1N) - not security - according to EF V 18054 (standard insurance companies)

  • installation fungus inverter and striking groove on all four corners of the window
  • this is a low level of resistance to burglary tool-tz resistance only the weight and force of arms and legs, without the use of additional tools. This protection proposes elements for the first and second floor of the building where it is very difficult strong and used body weight.

 2  3 4  1 WK 2 (RC 2) - Security by EF V 18054 (standard insurance companies)

  • installation fungus inverter and striking with utorimana in all necessary areas, increased Screw fittings and profiles
  • install safety latches to lock the protection Pleh drilling
  • installation of safety glass A3 (P4A) tz laminate glass with 4 - waist wrap that is very difficult to break or cut.
  • mandatory installation of safety lock with 3 locking points at the front door
  • reinforced mounting screws
  • this level of protection for added defense of lightweight tools for example. pliers screwdrivers, etc Keilah to 3 kN pressure / inverter and have time at least 3 minutes. anti-theft provide resistance testing in accordance with DIN EN 1627, for which the building safely take longer. This protection is proposed for the ground floor and basement windows and most are installed in private homes.

 22  7

WK 3 (RC 3)
WK 3 (RC 3) - (safety by EF V 18054 which insurance companies recognize)
- all the same as the WK 2 with additional inverter resistant glass and B 1 (P5A)
- this level of protection is added back to the harder alaqte for example. levers, lifting poles i.t.d. to 6 kN pressure / inverter and a minimum of 5 minutes. anti-theft provide resistance. This class of protection is proposed for valuable private objects as objects with a higher risk of burglary for example. secluded houses and buildings on the sheltered (separate) places Elements WK 2 and WK 3 must be completely destroyed, to a burglar could enter, for which he needs a lot of time, while simultaneously making too much noise, no love of the burglars and after the first attempt go look for unsecured objects.

  • WK 4 (RC 4) protects the use, axes, hammers, drills accu to 10 min.
  • WK 5 (RC 5) protects the use, drilling, cutting, grinding machines up to 15 min.
  • WK 6 (RC 6) prevents use, heavy electrical machinery up to 20 min.

With our PVC window systems can provide up to WK 3 (RC 3) and aluminium Schueco and Feal systems and to WK 4 (RC 4)
sure that we offer and contact devices that are implanted in the elements and occurring position of the sash which are connected to alarm devices or the like.